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Kosher Vitamins and Minerals And Their Uses


Kosher vitamins and minerals are essential for your body as these prevent occurrences of diseases and help to improve your immune system. Kosher vitamins help in development of bones, strengthening of teeth and gums, improving eyesight, improving cell metabolism, and maintaining the reproductive system. Kosher minerals take the form of essential and trace elements that play vital roles in regular physiological and anatomical functions of the body.


Though kosher minerals and vitamins are necessary in small quantities they need to be taken regularly. Deficiency of these kosher vitamins or kosher minerals could lead to diseases like night blindness, bleeding gums, weak joints, abnormal body weight, and blood clots. For all around development of body growth and proper metabolism particularly in growing children and elderly, regular consumption of minerals and vitamins are essential.


Common Vitamins, their Sources, and Usefulness


Vitamin A

Some sources:  Green leafy vegetables, fruits, kosher milk, kosher liver

Usefulness: Vision, immune system, cell functions, bone development, reproduction


B vitamins

Some sources : Kosher meat, kosher poultry, kosher dairy, beans, pea, and leafy green vegetables

Usefulness: Cell metabolism


Vitamin C

Some sources: Citrus fruits, tomatoes, green vegetables and fruit, broccoli;

Usefulness: For proper health of skin and bones


Vitamin D

Some sources: Liver, egg yolk, saltwater fish, cereal, and kosher milk.

Usefulness: prevents rickets, helps in growth of muscle, nerves, and the immune system  


Vitamin E

Sources: Nuts, vegetable oils, seeds, leafy vegetables, cereals

Usefulness : Metabolism and maintaining immune system


Vitamin K

Sources : Dark berries, green vegetables

Usefulness: Protein synthesis for tissues and bones, blood clotting


While they are difficult to identify one would ideally want to find the natural source of these vitamins. You can insure you get what you need by opting for kosher vitamin supplements. These supplements not only make up for the deficiency of naturally supplied vitamins but also ensure a regular supply.


Kosher Mineral Supplements


The same things hold true for kosher mineral supplements. Minerals such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, and iodine are needed by your body for efficient functioning of vitamins. Kosher nutritional supplements are a regular source of these vitamins and minerals.


Kosher supplements should always be taken with healthy foods. These supplements are needed particularly for growing children. The sick and elderly should take them only under medical supervision. As the dosage required varies from person to person and from age to age, a doctors advice is essential. Kosher vitamin and mineral supplements are available in pills, powders, and tablets. 

While buying kosher mineral supplements, or kosher vitamin supplements, always insist on products from reliable manufacturers. Though many of these products are available over the counter it is wise to buy and use them under your doctors advise. There are many sites to purchase kosher mineral and vitamin supplements online.


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