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Herbs for Your Round the Clock Well Being

Herbs as we know them today, are acknowledged for their medicinal properties. Ayurveda, an ancient Indian science of medicine deals primarily with plants and their therapeutic properties. This science of using plants and herbs for treatment of diseases has now spread from the ancient to the modern world

What are herbs?

By definition herbs are plants without woody tissue but they do grow leaves, flowers, and fruit. These are either used for culinary or medicinal purposes. Many herbs are readily available, particularly those used in cooking. Medicinal herbs are not easily recognizable and require training for their identification. There are certain herbs that serve both culinary and medicinal purposes. A basic difference between herbs used for cooking and in medicine is that in the former, primarily leaves are used, while in the latter any part could be put to use. For medicinal purposes, herbs are often dried and ground to form powders or pastes.

More about herbs

Many of these herbs are also sources of minerals that prevent diseases. Common herbs used by us include parsley, coriander, mint, lavender, thyme, olive leaf, and basil. The science of using of herbs as medicine dates back to antiquity. Apart from India, herbs for natural remedies were used in ancient China, Greece, Persia, Africa,and Rome.

Many medicinal herbs are now grown specifically to be sold to manufacturers of dietary supplements and herbal remedies. Herbal medicines are regarded to be safer than chemical varieties as their side-effects are negligible. They do not adversely affect any physiological systems. Medicinal herbs are know to reduce blood sugar levels, control blood pressure, calm disturbed minds, cure indigestions, control cough and cold, and even increase virility. Herbs for Medicines

Herbs are now grown specifically for making medicines. Dietary supplements, nutritional supplements, and herbal remedies are end-products that need herbs as the chief ingredient. Many of these supplements are prepared by mixing several herbs. Manufacturing herbal medicine is a thorough process requiring knowledge and research. It is a growing trend across the world and increasing number of people are gradually turning to herbal medicines for treatment and prevention of diseases.

Herbal remedies are manufactured for all ages. Even infants could be treated with herbal medicines without any deleterious effect. Herbal dietary and dietary supplements are available in forms of capsules, powders, extracts and liquids. These supplements are now increasingly in demand and many brands are available.

Taking these herbal supplements regularly ensures an adequate supply of minerals and vitamins essential to keep our physical well being intact. Prevention of diseases is another important result of using herbal supplements.

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